Here's what happy clients say about working with me


Jennifer Korfiatis

Marketing Consultant, Professor

I’ve worked with Brad for a number of years, and have always found his creativity, professionalism, and work ethic to be outstanding. One of his strongest qualities, in my opinion, is his intuitive ability to pull design concepts and ideas out of my head and make them a reality. I also appreciate his honesty in terms of scheduling- not only does he consistently meet deadlines, but he is honest and up-front as to his timeline when scheduling my projects. This eliminates any confusion, and provides the basis for a strong working relationship.


I really can’t recommend Brad highly enough. He’s come through for us time after time, and always delivers outstanding work. His sites are beautiful and functional works of art. Brad has designed the websites for some of our biggest authors, including Ann Brashares, Markus Zusak, James Dashner and Lauren Kate. With Brad on a project you can rest easy, since you know he’ll deliver an amazing site, right on schedule.


Zach Cheatham

Owner of Z-AXIS Creative

It has been a pleasure getting to work with Brad on new website projects.  The most impressive thing to me has been his creativity.  It’s really easy to get stuck in the same old design rut, but Brad always seems to find new and exciting ways to convert ideas and client direction into beautiful and unique website designs.  The quality of his work, turnaround time, and attention to detail are all top-notch and I continually receive praise and positive feedback from my clients for the designs he’s produced.  I highly recommend him!


Nena Howell

Freelance Marketing Consultant

Brad just nails it! He’s nailed countless designs for my clients and he gets it every single time. I’ve worked with him for a number of years and he truly sets the standard for the industry.  His first designs are exceptional, requiring little or virtually no re-work.

One of his most recent web designs for Anderson Landscaping ( is exquisite.  Brad’s design and seamless functionality hit the heart of our target audience. His ability to translate the identified concept and feel into a finished, functional work is quite remarkable. 

Again and again, whether in print or electronic media, Brad is a leader, working at the top of his craft.  I can count on his timeliness, professionalism and unmatched forward-thinking creativity.

I’m looking forward to working with Brad in years to come and see many more exceptional works ahead.


Casey Picker

Wordpress Developer

I love working with Brad!  His eye for detail is what really differentiates him from other designers.  When I work on a project with Brad, I always know that the finished product is going to be stellar.


Shane Pearlman

Shane Pearlman, CEO at Modern Tribe

I can count on Brad. When he says he’s going to do something he gets it done. That accountability is probably one of the most important things I can have from someone I work with. Brad is certainly one of the most accountable people I’ve had on my team.

When you hire Brad you get his creative talent mixed with dependability and you end up with someone who is really great to work with.


Reid Peifer

Creative Director at Modern Tribe

I’ve been tag-team designing with Brad Fitzgerald quite a bit lately. His design work and attention to detail is impeccable. He’s also pushed me, and our team to become better designers.

When I look at finished work from Brad – I don’t see his face all over it. It’s not about him – it’s about the design.  When I look at a finished project and see a happy client, happy budget and happy timeline – well Brad’s face is all over that.

His insight is invaluable, and I hope to keep working with him for a long time to come.


Benjamin Field

Principal and Clarity Consultant at be,clearly

Brad keeps his eye on results. He is responsive, timely and communicative. I’ve worked with Brad on a few projects where I needed a strong collaborator capable of interacting with my clients as a front-line team member, and found him more than up to the task. The quality of his work and his professionalism (think pragmatic time management, setting expectations) are superb. He’s a seasoned freelancer and that means good things if you’re a client of a collaborator.


Kirk Douponce

Owner of DogEared Design

Apt Design is a pleasure to work with. He always meets or beats deadlines with consistent creativity.