Here's what happy clients say about working with me

I had a terrific experience working with Brad. He was at all times flexible, patient, and responsive, and had a very respectful way of guiding me away from ideas that he felt were the wrong direction. I asked Brad to explore some unconventional ideas I had for design, one of which we ended up using, and he enthusiastically jumped in and embraced it. That design caused some unexpected technical challenges and he patiently worked through all of them. Above all, Brad is a terrific person and working with him was a pleasure.

Mike Caemmerer

Program Director at Icicle Creek Center for the Arts

Brad’s work consistently impresses. He has a great knack for designing material that both fits our mission and pushes our look to be new and fresh and innovative—all perfect for us as an arts organization. When sharing collateral at trade conventions, other venues consistently comment on how impressed they are with the quality and design of our material.  It is different and stands out in all the good ways!

Working with Brad is a delight. It is a collaborative venture that engages the creative process, helping us get more clear on how best to showcase our organization. His patience seems endless—in spite of how much we test it.  And he never lets us walk away until we are fully satisfied.  Great product and process make Brad and Apt Design an ideal fit for us.

Lyn Kelley

Communications & Events Coordinator at the Wenatchee Valley Museum and Cultural Center

Brad is a joy to work with. He’s a great listener. He was able to take our vision and make the reality of our design even better! He is a design professional with an understanding of what businesses need: on time, on budget and on point. He was patient with our input, prompt with our changes and personable at every turn.

Brad made the process of developing my web site not only painless, but positively enjoyable. His enthusiastic, “can-do” attitude permeated every discussion we had. Brad also gave me tutorials that help me to maintain my site by myself. I would recommend him to any writer looking to develop a web site, particularly ones like me who know nothing about doing so!

Rolf Boone


Brad and I share the same birthday, which means we are on the same page when it comes to most things in this world. But that’s not the case with website development, and when I had a website in mind, I turned to Brad for his expertise.

Brad provided very clear and understandable (for those of us who are tech challenged) directions on the process, explaining the steps he would take to build and design the site, as well as the input he wanted from me, and the training involved once the site was complete.

After Brad designed the primary website, he offered to tweak an existing site I had. At the time, the only ideas I had for changing that site was the color scheme. Yet Brad, who has a sharp eye for design, ran with it and produced a great site. He does good work.

Emma Otheguy

Children's Author

Brad is easy to work with and very quick to respond to any concern. When we started the web building process, I had a sense of my visual tastes, but very little design vocabulary to talk about those tastes. Brad effectively translated my half-formed ideas into a beautiful website, and he gave me lots of choices and allowed plenty of feedback. He also did a great job making the web design flexible enough to evolve with my needs (for example, my book is not yet available for pre-order, but Brad set up the site so that the order page is ready when the book becomes available).

He has a strong sense of what authors need to have on their websites, so I would trust Brad with choice of content as well as design. Brad designed my site to work well with both my career as a children’s author and in academia but still feel seamless. I can edit the site myself using WordPress, which is very intuitive for any computer user. Even so, Brad offered to help me learn the ropes and is always available for questions.

Author Carol Scibelli

I tend to waffle – change my mind about colors, design and content, basically everything that makes up a website. Brad Fitzgerald of Apt Design may have been pulling out his hair while I flimflammed, but it never showed. He was patient and gracious. His creativity overflowed and he nailed it. His ideas were smart and clever and sensible. I chose Apt Design because Brad’s websites stood out from all the others I saw. The bonus was that besides his talent he is also a joy to work with.

Traci Mann

Author, Professor of Psychology

Brad is an incredible designer. My book’s website is exactly what I wanted, even though I couldn’t even begin to articulate what I wanted before talking to Brad. But somehow he was able to elicit preferences and opinions from me with his project brief process, and he came up with three distinct design concepts for me to consider. (Other designers I interviewed would only create one.) Plus, he didn’t run for the hills when I ultimately gave him a near impossible request: I asked him to create a website that would come across as trustworthy, scientific, warm, approachable, beautiful, and quirky. Those are not things that usually go together. But he found a way. (Three ways, actually!) Not only is the website all of those things and more, but he finished it faster than he promised, and he was great to work with. I am so glad I hired Brad for this project.  I am absolutely delighted with the results.

Jennifer Korfiatis

Marketing Consultant, Professor

I’ve worked with Brad for a number of years, and have always found his creativity, professionalism, and work ethic to be outstanding. One of his strongest qualities, in my opinion, is his intuitive ability to pull design concepts and ideas out of my head and make them a reality. I also appreciate his honesty in terms of scheduling- not only does he consistently meet deadlines, but he is honest and up-front as to his timeline when scheduling my projects. This eliminates any confusion, and provides the basis for a strong working relationship.

I really can’t recommend Brad highly enough. He’s come through for us time after time, and always delivers outstanding work. His sites are beautiful and functional works of art. Brad has designed the websites for some of our biggest authors, including Ann Brashares, Markus Zusak, James Dashner and Lauren Kate. With Brad on a project you can rest easy, since you know he’ll deliver an amazing site, right on schedule.

Kelly Allen

Insurance Broker

Working with Apt Design is like working with a genie….”Your wish is my command!”  I simply had to share my vision, and, poof, just like that, it was created!  Timely, detailed, and precise.

As a business owner, I am always looking for team players who make me and my company look professional.  Brad Fitzgerald and Apt Design are fundamental to the professional presence of my company.   It’s comforting to know that I never have to worry when working with Apt Design.  They consistently come through for me, allowing me to focus my energy in other areas.

Marissa Collins

Marketing Director at the Numerica Performing Arts Center

Brad executes a project with such ease that it really makes for an enjoyable experience. Faced with developing a new website in a short time period, Brad was organized, receptive to all of our needs, reliable to the timeline, and designed a website that was even better than I imagined. I trust Brad and would highly recommend his design solutions to anyone.

Jack Penning

Executive Director, Sixel Consulting

Brad is a master of visualizing a client’s vision. Our firm has come to him with some unique and abstract requests. He has been able to execute powerful and dynamic logos and graphics based on a limited set of parameters. Brad is the ideal designer for a client that seeks excellence and speed without sacrificing quality.

Jerrilea Crawford

Community Development Director, Wenatchee Chamber of Commerce

What I love about Brad is that he can capture the vision of what I am wanting designed and make it even better than I imagined.  He is so good at understanding all the layers of our organization and reflecting our brand throughout everything we do. To top it all off, Brad is just a really nice guy and he’s easy to work with!

Zach Cheatham

Owner of Z-AXIS Creative

It has been a pleasure getting to work with Brad on new website projects.  The most impressive thing to me has been his creativity.  It’s really easy to get stuck in the same old design rut, but Brad always seems to find new and exciting ways to convert ideas and client direction into beautiful and unique website designs.  The quality of his work, turnaround time, and attention to detail are all top-notch and I continually receive praise and positive feedback from my clients for the designs he’s produced.  I highly recommend him!

Jerri Barkley

Marketing & Communications Coordinator for Wenatchee Valley Chamber of Commerce

Brad is a consummate professional for sure and as you can see others agree with that wholeheartedly.  One of the best things about Brad is that I have not known of anyone that has worked with him on a project that has not been 100% pleased with the end product but also with the process.   From the beginning of our very large project through one project after another he has been terrific.  Re designing and reworking our new website seemed like a pretty daunting task but Brad expertly worked the plan.  His skills in time/project management are as exceptional as his eye for design.  Love having the opportunity to work with him and look forward to more.

Nena Howell

Freelance Marketing Consultant

Brad just nails it! He’s nailed countless designs for my clients and he gets it every single time. I’ve worked with him for a number of years and he truly sets the standard for the industry.  His first designs are exceptional, requiring little or virtually no re-work.

One of his most recent web designs for Anderson Landscaping ( is exquisite.  Brad’s design and seamless functionality hit the heart of our target audience. His ability to translate the identified concept and feel into a finished, functional work is quite remarkable. 

Again and again, whether in print or electronic media, Brad is a leader, working at the top of his craft.  I can count on his timeliness, professionalism and unmatched forward-thinking creativity.

I’m looking forward to working with Brad in years to come and see many more exceptional works ahead.

Robert Howard


As a veteran writer, I wanted to build a website that took the different activities of a highly varied, 30-year career and wove them together into a coherent and compelling narrative. Brad came up with a powerful visual look and graphic design that tied together the various “chapters” in my story and made it easy for users to explore my broad portfolio of work.  What’s more, he was a pleasure to work with—a great listener and highly collaborative! 

Brad is a designer’s designer. He listens, asks the right questions and possesses the skills and artistry to produce a masterpiece, all in a timely fashion. That is how I feel about the website he created for me. As an author, I wanted something that would showcase my books, but do so by telling a kind of story. And that is exactly what Brad accomplished. The finished product is beautiful, evocative and efficient, just like a great novel.

I love working with Brad!  His eye for detail is what really differentiates him from other designers.  When I work on a project with Brad, I always know that the finished product is going to be stellar.

Brad is a complete professional and a pleasure to work with — he’s intuitive, creative, responsive and reliable. He set up a speedy and reasonable schedule to get our project done and he nailed it down to the very day. He walked me through the site’s mechanics and delivered a product and a service that met all of my needs. I couldn’t recommend him more highly and I’m extremely pleased with the work he did for me. Don’t bother shopping around because he’s the real deal.

Jennifer Skiff

Best-selling Author

Hiring Brad Fitzgerald to create my website was the greatest gift I gave to myself in 2013. He is a pleasure to work with!

Justen Forge


I needed a website that captured the mood and theme of my book, as well as created a platform for me as an author. I thought the hunt for someone special to create it would be tough, but as soon as I saw Brad’s work at Apt Design, I was sold. And as soon as I received the first email from Brad, I knew I had made the correct choice for such an important project.

That’s exactly Brad’s specialty: EVERY project he works on is the most important project to him, and that’s how he makes you feel through his accessibility, responsiveness, communication and professionalism.

Web design takes great creativity and innovation. Brad’s got it. I ended up with a website that looks cool, is easy to navigate and provides lots of great info. Many thanks!

After scouring dozens of author websites I contacted Brad – because his designs are clean and tight, and he is easy to work with. Brad has a degree in graphic design. He is also a father and an ultra-marathon runner. Brad listened to the website concept and worked accordingly. From inspecting his initial concept drafts, it was clear that selecting Brad was the right move.

Nick Ohrn

Developer and Owner of

I already knew Brad was an outstanding designer when I contracted him to redesign my website, but when he delivered the initial concepts I was blown away by just how amazing they were. My goals for the redesign were clearly addressed and the initial concepts were already at the point of refinement that I had come to expect of finished products from most other creative professionals. I could tell that Brad took pride in delivering items that his clients could use right away. After a few questions and tiny tweaks I was ready to declare the project done.

I still get compliments every other week on my site design and I think a huge reason my conversions are through the roof is because of the stellar work you did on that site. That project was by far the smoothest experience I’ve ever had with a contractor and I wouldn’t hesitate an instant to work with Brad again.

Gautam Nayak

Doctor and President of the US Medical Soccer Team

Working with Brad was one of the best decisions our organization made. He is a consummate professional and delivers a beautfiul product in a timely fashion. He strives to make the website easy to navigate, practical, and visually appealing. Most importantly, Brad’s outstanding communication ability made the entire process fun and interactive. Many colleagues from around the country and around the world have given us incredible compliments on our site. I’m looking forward to working with Brad in the years to come as we grow our organization.

Steve Maher

Partner at

We’re proud of what the public experiences when they come to our Run Wenatchee website. The site is clean, well-organized and lively, and for good reason. Brad Fitzgerald took the early design concepts we had in mind and made those come to life in a singular fashion.

Darren Reynolds

former Owner of Caffe Mela

Brad’s design sense is outstanding.  I can communicate a concept and leave it up to him to come up with a beautiful, balanced, and rich interpretation of our ideas. It’s nice to have a few thoughts, and just say go.. and be amazed by what he creates.

Dr. Robert Rosenthal


It was a pleasure to work with Brad at Apt Design. On the design front, his concepts were spot on, so we never got started on false trails. And he easily and accurately incorporated my feedback in a comfortable back-and-forth dialogue that resulted in a strong final product. I remain extremely pleased with the result. I continue to receive high marks on my website from other professionals in publishing and several have asked for Brad’s contact information for projects of their own. When the inevitable problems arose, Brad responded to my cries for help promptly. He could also talk me down from blindly following suggestions from others that were in fact not in my best interest.. In sum, I have no hesitation in recommending Brad and Apt Design.

Shane Pearlman

Shane Pearlman, CEO at Modern Tribe

I can count on Brad. When he says he’s going to do something he gets it done. That accountability is probably one of the most important things I can have from someone I work with. Brad is certainly one of the most accountable people I’ve had on my team.

When you hire Brad you get his creative talent mixed with dependability and you end up with someone who is really great to work with.

Greg McKenzie

Director of CUDA Peru

What do you look for in a graphic designer?  I look for that artistic intuition that can’t be learned, keen insight into what a project needs, the people skills to lead the creative process, the organizational skills to manage the whole undertaking, and the work ethic to get the job done when and how it should be.  After two projects with Brad, I will be coming again soon.

Lilia Grundy

Marketing Director for Icicle Creek Center for the Arts

Need design help? Thinking about changing your business or organization’s look? Want to bring life to your graphic needs?

Then look no further – Apt Design is your answer. I have had the pleasure of working with Brad Fitzgerald through a major rebrand of our organization involving the creation of new styling to virtually all of our major categories. Working with a new designer can be overwhelming – but through Brad’s organizational systems and resources, we were able to work through various projects in record turn-around timing. Additionally, our latest posters and designs have captured the hearts and attention of the community. We increasingly receive requests such as “how can I get one of those posters?!” Our marketing pieces are now in demand – thanks to Brad’s help! I would recommend Apt Design for anyone considering assistance with graphic/design needs.

Craig Larsen

former Executive Director at the Wenatchee Valley Chamber of Commerce

I have seen Brad’s web design work on two separate and very different projects.  I was impressed on each occasion with the time he took to really understand what the customer wants and needs from each project, leading to a great website both times.  Brad has also done great work as our website grows, matures, and evolves.  I am honored to recommend Brad and his work!


Marcia Janke

former Tourism Director of the Wenatchee Valley Visitor's Bureau

Brad is a delight to work with. He’s always timely in fulfilling my requests for updates and changes to our website. If he doesn’t know how to fix my dilemma, he finds someone who has the answer. Not only is he a great web person but his vision for ad creative is superb. Having Brad on our team is definitely a plus.

Reid Peifer

Creative Director at Modern Tribe

I’ve been tag-team designing with Brad Fitzgerald quite a bit lately. His design work and attention to detail is impeccable. He’s also pushed me, and our team to become better designers.

When I look at finished work from Brad – I don’t see his face all over it. It’s not about him – it’s about the design.  When I look at a finished project and see a happy client, happy budget and happy timeline – well Brad’s face is all over that.

His insight is invaluable, and I hope to keep working with him for a long time to come.

Roger Clute

former Executive Director of the Wenatchee Valley Visitor's Bureau

The Wenatchee Valley Visitors Bureau has worked with Brad Fitzgerald even prior to the formation of his company Apt Design. The thing that I have always appreciated about Brad is his timeliness in turning around great new designs even in the face of looming deadlines. Creativity is at the heart of good design and Brad is blessed with an abundance of creative DNA.  Brad’s professional, straightforward and timely approach to design creation and implementation will make your life easier if you have advertising and marketing responsibilities.

Adam Vognild

Co-owner of The Inner Circle Gym

Brad did an incredible job of building our web site.  As we have learned more and become more comfortable with the site we have been able to grow into the site he created.  He has been great to work with from the beginning during the design phase as well as helping trouble shoot any of the problems (all user errors)  that we’ve had in a very timely manner.  We would recommend Brad to anyone needing a creative and highly functional site for their business.

Benjamin Field

Principal and Clarity Consultant at be,clearly

Brad keeps his eye on results. He is responsive, timely and communicative. I’ve worked with Brad on a few projects where I needed a strong collaborator capable of interacting with my clients as a front-line team member, and found him more than up to the task. The quality of his work and his professionalism (think pragmatic time management, setting expectations) are superb. He’s a seasoned freelancer and that means good things if you’re a client of a collaborator.

Aron Branam

Fitness Director at Gold's Gyms of the Wenatchee Valley

Brad has been helping us with our websites and social media outlets and has done a great job. He is very easy to work with and very reliable. He is always willing to come up with some great ideas and to educate us to do some some things on our own to save us money which is greatly appreciated! Overall he has been a true asset to our business!

Brady Hudkins

freelance designer

Having known Brad for the time that I have, I can say that he himself is an honest, hard-working individual with a predilection for good design over decoration. As I have been able to work within the direction of Brad, I’ve come to know that the ease and effectiveness that he presents his own work is carried consistently through the way that he runs his business. He has solid ideas and is willing to listen, which in turn makes him an extremely effective communicator. His ability to organize the creative and administrative side of his business sets Brad even further apart from anyone that may mistakenly be considered any sort of competition. I would recommend Brad to anyone in need of a creative service, be it digital or print related.

Blair McHaney

President of The Gold's Gym Franchisee Association, Owner of Wenatchee Valley's Gold's Gyms

Finding partners who take the time to understand who we are and how we think is very important to me.  Brad Fitzgerald is one of those partners.  He is a guy that elevates himself to the status of “trusted advisor” and not many marketing partners understand how to do that.  On top of that, I get e-mails from my staff telling me how wonderful it is to work with Brad.   Brad has earned our trust and our business.

Susan Hufman

Executive Director of the Leavenworth Summer Theater

In the arts world, designers are around every corner, but for us finding Brad was the answer. He listened, researched, welcomed honest responses to drafts, adapted, educated us, stayed on deadline and delivered a first-rate creative website that continues to draw rave reviews. He responded to every email, every phone call in a timely manner with professionalism, grace and good humor. What a gem – he’s a keeper.

Andy Dappen

Founder, Editor of

Brad did excellent work in developing a logo for WenatcheeOutdoors and the Outdoor Discovery Network.

Between the time lags of having our board review different ideas and our desire to see a variety of minor tweaks, we have not been an easy organization to work with. Still, he handled our slow steps forward with patience and great professionalism. Brad was always extremely prompt and professional in turning around what we requested. And Apt Design brought top quality design elements and ideas to the table for our consideration.

I look forward to working with Brad on future projects when we need the art or design.

Starting my own private practice was a challenging time.  Thanks to Apt Design, I didn’t feel alone in facing this challenge.  I had reliable and trustworthy help in creating my logo and designing my website, both of which have been vital components in forming and growing my business. Apt Design is definitely a name that fits – Brad is capable, the service is right-on, and I recommend him wholeheartedly.

James Townsend

James Townsend, Author and Co-Owner of The Human Condition

We needed something intensely original for The Human Condition.  Not only that, it had to be functional, as well.   Original, functional – let’s not forget approachable – there are so many facets one has to consider when building and marketing a business, website, or image.  And I’m pleased to say that Apt Design put my mind at ease regarding all of these aspects.  Brad’s creative insight is easily accessible through constant communication and feedback.   He’s concerned about your vision, and it shows in the final product.  He has a consistent devotion to making your vision a reality.  I am very thankful that I found Apt Design when I first started The Human Condition.  I started with the best!  And I hope to continue to work with Brad on future projects.

Allison Williams

Executive Director for the City of Wenatchee

The City of Wenatchee and our partners in tourism developed a new organization “E3” to market to and take advantage of the upcoming 2010 Olympics.  We used Brad for our website (tying all of our organizations together), logo and printed collateral materials.  Brad was excellent to work with!  He was creative, utilized broad input and was very quick to turn around deliverables.  I would highly recommend Brad and Apt Design.

Sherri Schneider

Executive Director of Community Farm Connection

It was so much fun working with Apt Design on our logos and branding. Brad listened carefully to what everyone had to say and then somehow gleaned the critical points out of that diverse input.  Patient and helpful all the way through, he never made us feel crazy because we couldn’t decide which designs we liked the best.  Instead he continued to ask the right questions about the message and image we wanted to portray until our choice was clear.  We’re very happy with the finished logos and love our big sign on Mission Street!

Jason Jablonski

Professional Athlete, Owner of SET Coaching

I have had the pleasure of working with Brad Fitzgerald of Apt Design on a number of projects.  When it came time to design my website choosing Apt design was the best decision I could have made.  Apt Design is always on time with all projects and the quality of work is second to none.  I rely on Apt design as part of my team to help create a successful business.  Without Apt Design I would just be spinning my wheels.

Eric Granstrom

former Director of Marketing for the Wenatchee Valley Sports Council

I wanted to create an ad for a national sports tourism trade magazine with a different spin.  Brad offered an easy, step-by-step approach that helped us reach our goal of what we wanted in a quick and efficient manner.   Brad and I worked together on the concept and he quickly provided me plenty of options from which to choose.  He was also easily accessible and quick to respond to needed tweaks or changes in design and I appreciated his on-line and email support.  Once we settled on a theme, it wasn’t long before Brad had the finished product ready for print and it looked great.  Brad was quick, efficient and completely approachable about changes.  Best of all, the final layout looked phenomenal.  Thanks Brad!

Keith Wiggins

Co-Owner of Boswells Furniture

We would be the first to admit our slow paced recognition of the importance of our store’s web page presentation.  In our industry we receive many solicitations from web design and service companies.  However many have been expensive and lacked local service.  Knowledgeable, calm, questioning, and not overwhelming with technology language, Brad developed our current website.  We are very pleased.  Since completion we have noticed increased customer usage of our website for research and enjoy additional business from these new customers.  Brad comes to you from Boswells highly recommended.

Jamie Howell

Author, Owner of Howell at the Moon Productions

Communicating design concepts can be tricky, so when you find somebody who can consistently understand your abstract needs and ideas and translate them into creative designs that actually work, you latch on to them. That’s why I latched on to Brad at Apt Design at the very beginning and have stayed with him ever since.

Susan Lagsdin

former Executive Director of Write On The River

Brad’s design work is creative and impeccable — and best of all, he listens well and asks all the right questions, with no assumptions about his clients’ experience. I know sometimes he went beyond standard effort to meet our group’s needs, and he did so gracefully and with good humor. Highly skilled and personally accessible — what a wonderful combo in a high-tech world!

Rebecca Hargrove Fox

former Member Services Director of the Wenatchee Valley Chamber of Commerce

Brad is a pleasure to work with: professional and friendly every time. He continuously produces excellent work, and always responds quickly to the Chamber’s needs.

I’ve worked with Brad Fitzgerald for several years on projects large and small. He has consistently delivered designs that capture the mission and generate excitement. His ability to grasp an organization’s goals and translate them into images is pitch-perfect. With his upbeat attitude and timely delivery, he is a real pleasure to work with. In the business world, Apt Design is one of my favorites.

Kelly Allen

Owner of Late Bloomer Productions

I hired Brad because every time I saw a cool image, logo, or website, I would ask who designed it…and the answer was consistent:  “Brad Fitzgerald from Apt Design.” Brad is not only one of the most creative people I have ever worked with, he is truly one of the “nice guys” who make life and work easier and more fun. He realizes there will be compromise, challenges, and even hassles in each job and he handles them with the same grace and creativity he offers in his designs. I don’t know how he continues to turn out such fascinating and good work, but I’m glad he does.

Gina Muller

former Director of Sales and Marketing for Gill Diamond Hospitality

Gill Diamond needed websites created for the hotels and we really did not know who to work with. Ganta & I met Brad, a fellow Chamber member at the “Noon Network luncheon” that happened to be the owner of a web design company. We met with Brad and right up front we told him that we really had no idea of what we wanted the sites to look like. We told Brad the information that needed to be on each site and basically asked him to come up with the designs. Brad did an amazing job with all of the hotel sites, they showcase each property beautifully and we could not be happier. We have seen an increase in our internet reservation bookings since having the websites.

Annette Pennington

former Executive Director of the Wenatchee Downtown Association

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Apt Design on multiple occasions and am thrilled to say that in every case, Brad has far exceeded my expectations. The design work is flawless, the content is accurate and always within the project budget. He is consistently able to be reached, is open to questions and comment, and each project has been completed on time. I am happy to recommend Apt Design!

Kelly Boyle


Brad takes great care of his clients with good business sense, marketing savvy, and surprising creativity.  I would recommend him to any business that seeks to improve their image and market share.  Brad is more than a service provider, he is a business partner.

Kirk Douponce

Owner of DogEared Design

Apt Design is a pleasure to work with. He always meets or beats deadlines with consistent creativity.

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