WordPress is a great CMS (Content Management System) for building any type of website.  Web designers all over the world galaxy love WordPress for its simplicity in setting up, ease in customizing design, and for how simple it is for anyone to make updates to content. What makes WordPress even better is the great variety… Read More

WordPress was first built as a blog platform but has now developed into a full-featured CMS (Content Management System).  It is easy to design in and develop for.  Add to that its easy-to-use backend and scalability and you can see why more and more sites are being built using WP.  Here are a few of… Read More

Avatars on the internet are pretty cool.  They let you provide a small picture to tell more about yourself on a certain blog, forum, or community website.  But it can be a hassle to have to upload a new photo for each site that you want an image to appear.  That’s where Gravatars come in. … Read More

Over the years WordPress has made significant improvements in all aspects of its code and user-interface.  It has become one of the greatest CMS platform not only for blogging but for creating full-featured websites for companies of all sizes.  It now easily allows you to do one thing all of my clients want to be… Read More

I spent a day earlier this week training Neff Co on how to update and edit the website Apt Design just finished building for them. Well, didn’t actually spend a day.  The training only took about 10 minutes.  At the end they said, “Wow.  That was easy, wasn’t it?” Yes, it was.  Yes, it is. … Read More