Avatars on the internet are pretty cool.  They let you provide a small picture to tell more about yourself on a certain blog, forum, or community website.  But it can be a hassle to have to upload a new photo for each site that you want an image to appear.  That’s where Gravatars come in. … Read More

Over the years WordPress has made significant improvements in all aspects of its code and user-interface.  It has become one of the greatest CMS platform not only for blogging but for creating full-featured websites for companies of all sizes.  It now easily allows you to do one thing all of my clients want to be… Read More

I spent a day earlier this week training Neff Co on how to update and edit the website Apt Design just finished building for them. Well, didn’t actually spend a day.  The training only took about 10 minutes.  At the end they said, “Wow.  That was easy, wasn’t it?” Yes, it was.  Yes, it is. … Read More