With the introduction of a New Basecamp that didn’t have time-tracking it was time for me to look for a new Project Management System. I enjoyed the process I little too much. Here are my reviews of 7 of the best, along with a surprise ending.
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The Magic Mouse from Apple is one of the most beautiful mice I’ve ever seen. But spend a couple hours using it and you’ll see that it’s ergonomics might not be quite up to snuff. There are  discussions here and here about how the Magic mouse might be better with ergonomics. In fact, there is… Read More

This is Part 7 in the Apt Design 2011 Ebook Series – Creating Work/Life Balance. Click here to get the book and see the whole series. As a freelance designer I’m immersed in design all day, which works out great because I love design. Hopefully you love your job as well. But sometimes when we… Read More

2010 was the Year of Teams for me. Though I’ve worked at a design company besides being a solo freelancer, I hadn’t really worked on a design team since college. But 2010 found me working a lot on teams, both as a subcontractor for others and as a boss with subcontractors working for me. It… Read More

There hasn’t been much action here on the Apt Design blog lately.  One of the reasons for that is that I’ve been working on a post for another, bigger blog – GraphicDesignBlender.com after Preston invited me to write a guest post.  Recently I finished up the article and it was published.  If you want, just… Read More

Brand New is a website that reviews and critiques new and redesigned logos and identities. Always a good read, they are not always praising designs just because they are new or designed by a famous design firm. Recently they wrote about a logo tournament that ends with just one logo standing. The tournament was judged… Read More

At Apt, we are always interested in websites that employ horizontal scrolling. Why? Horizontal scrolling is basically a huge no-no when it comes to web design. It is taught against in schools and railed against online. And for good reason, for the most part scrolling sideways is highly counterintuitive. At least online, where user experience… Read More

“Design is a puzzle you create for yourself—you have all the pieces, but it’s up to you to decide how they fit.” – from Design is in the Details by Naz Hamid Read More

so really, there are almost millions of photoshop shortcuts out there (no, really – take a look at all of these). but it seems you only learn new ones when you really start doing one task over and over and think, “there’s gotta be a faster way to do this.&quo{readmore}t; well, one great shortcut i’ve… Read More

Whether you are a client, fellow designer, big fan, or just a casual reader, Apt Design is giving you a little piece of beautiful design to help you make it through the day. Spending a little time on creativity is almost never bad, and today we’ve spent some time creating (from scratch) this wallpaper for… Read More

We’ll admit it – graphic designers can be a fussy bunch. We’re often very opinionated, quiet perfectionists. So, if you are having a problem with a graphic designer and need to absolutely destroy him or her, what can you do? Well, we recently received this great article entitled “8 Ways to Drive a Graphic Designer… Read More