Uploading and Linking to a PDF in WordPress 2.8

Over the years WordPress has made significant improvements in all aspects of its code and user-interface.  It has become one of the greatest CMS platform not only for blogging but for creating full-featured websites for companies of all sizes.  It now easily allows you to do one thing all of my clients want to be able to do – upload and link to a PDF or other file on their website.  This tutorial will show you how simple it can be to link to a file on your site in WordPress 2.8.

First, create a new Post or Page (or open an existing one).  I’m using a new post I’m writing called “Uploading and Linking to a PDF in WordPress 2.8″ (heard of it?).

In the editor window place your cursor where you would like the link to appear.


Click the Add Media button in the Upload/Insert menu.

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