Some Links You’ll Love

As I spend time (ie – all day) on the web I come across quite a few interesting and amazing things.  Instead of trying to write an entire post about each one I thought I’d throw a bunch at you all at once.  Check out some greatness and let me know your favorite!


(via You Look Marvelous)


Could You Work 4-Day Weeks?

This article outlines one couple’s attempt.  Not as easy as they would have liked, but certainly something to aspire to.  I know a couple people trying this as well.

The Best Advice…Ever

Fortune outlines some of the best advice top business people, athletes, and politicians ever got.  Like a to-do list of how to be great!  (Here’s the best advice I got before starting my business.)

Super Creative Art

An absolutely stunning style which Wilhem Staehle has used to create a beautiful, though sinisterly funny, body of work.


Music Video

An innovative collaboration showcasing the power of a community of fans with webcams.  My favorite music video since Feist’s 1234.