Uploading and Linking to a PDF in WordPress 2.8

Over the years WordPress has made significant improvements in all aspects of its code and user-interface.  It has become one of the greatest CMS platform not only for blogging but for creating full-featured websites for companies of all sizes.  It now easily allows you to do one thing all of my clients want to be able to do – upload and link to a PDF or other file on their website.  This tutorial will show you how simple it can be to link to a file on your site in WordPress 2.8.

First, create a new Post or Page (or open an existing one).  I’m using a new post I’m writing called “Uploading and Linking to a PDF in WordPress 2.8” (heard of it?).

In the editor window place your cursor where you would like the link to appear.


Click the Add Media button in the Upload/Insert menu.


Click on the Select Files button.


Find the file on your computer that you’d like to upload and link to and click Select.


WordPress will upload your file.


In this final step you will add the Title – this is the text that will be the link in your post.  For the Link URL make sure you click the File URL button so that the Title will link to the file.  Lastly click Insert into Post.

That’s it!  You’re done!  If you’d like to change the text of the link, simply select the word or phrase and type in the new content.  Here’s what the final link looks like on my site: download the PDF

Follow these steps to link to Word documents, PowerPoint presentations, and more.  WordPress makes it super easy to post all the information your visitors want and need!

Looking to build a custom website in WordPress?  That’s what I do!  Get in touch and let’s talk about how simple and affordable the process can be for you.