How to Easily Create Your own Stunning Desktop

I’ve recently started cleaning up my Mac.  One thing that I did was to clear out a bunch of my old backgrounds that cycled quickly by on my desktop.  I replaced them with some simple black and white photos like this:


It was an easy change that made a pretty great impact.  The new images are peaceful, clean and quiet.  I recommend trying this out on your own computer; here’s a quick tutorial on how to easily create your own stunning desktop.

1. Grab one of your favorite photos that you’ve taken. (Some tips on How to take great photos with your little camera)

2. Crop it to the size of your desktop. (Crop in iPhoto, Picassa, Windows Live Photo Gallery – or do it online!)

3. Turn the image to black & white (iPhoto, Picassa)

4. Up the contrast – this helps the photos pop a little more and keep them from melting away into grey (iPhoto, Picassa)

5. Add it as your desktop background

6. Done!


This technique works with almost any image.  Here are a few before and after pics:



Do you want some of the power of Adobe Photoshop to help with all of this editing?  You can now use some basic Photoshop tools online for free!  Try that out.

If you want some inspiration from some incredible black and white photography check out Nick Brandt.  Then post some links to your new BW desktops, your favorite desktops, or your favorite BW images.