Don’t Be Bad

Don't get put hereWhy be good?

Why be good at what you do?  One reason is because people notice when you’re bad.

I was reading this article about Design Drop-Down menus and thought about how horrible it would be to have your website listed in the section of “Poorly Constructed Menus.”  Or, even worse, to have your logo show up on Your Logo Makes Me Barf.

In today’s world of people being able to instantly post reviews of your company on the internet for the world to see, word-of-mouth is more important than ever.  And though the two examples above are from the design industry there are certainly people writing about the bad in your industry as well.

People notice when you offer something sub-par, whether it be your customer service, your product, your communication, or the cleanliness of your retail store.  One reason not to be bad is so that people don’t notice anything bad to complain about.

On the flip side, they also notice when you’re good, and with word-of-mouth sometimes that’s all you need to keep your business alive.