Creating Change by Making Small Changes

original image by drewbsaunders

Recently at my house we’ve made a few small changes: rearranged the couches in the living room, moved a light in a bedroom. Little things really, but it made the whole house seem new and different. We have plans for some bigger changes on the way, but for now just those little things are enough.

It got me thinking about making little changes to keep things fresh. In business, not changing means you’re not growing.  Not changing oftentimes comes from a static mindset.  And that kind of mindset can often be changed by just doing little things.

Even small changes can make a big difference – in your mood, in your employees job satisfaction, in what you offer your customers.

What are some small changes you could make right now really quickly?  Maybe rearrange your desk just a little bit? Be more ergonomic, more minimalist?  Add a plant?  If you need some help try this quick ebook from ZenHabits.

Get in the habit of keeping things fresh, fluid and organic and your business will reap the benfits.

Speaking of change, I’m currently working on a redesign of my website that should be launching here shortly.