Blogs and Social Media: What Every Writer Should Know

When I started Apt Design there was a local writing conference that was starting around the same time.  Write on the River became one of my first, favorite, and most longstanding clients.  I’m excited to announce that this year I will be a presenting speaker at the conference!  After talking with some members of the board we decided that some of my knowledge of blogging, social media and the internets at large could be extremely useful for writers wondering about what blogging and social media could do for them.  Thus my workshop, “Blogs and Social Media: What Every Writer Should Know” was born.

Here’s a description of the workshop, from the Write on the River website:

The web is no longer a fad for part-time HTML hobbyists. Authors as much as anyone need to look at how they can leverage the internet to connect and communicate. This workshop will begin by exploring one of the basic building blocks of the internet – the blog. We’ll look at the advantages and disadvantages blogs hold for writers. After finding out if creating a blog is right for you, we’ll look at how you can choose what to write about. We will also look at ways social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more) can benefit authors. We’ll examine ways writers can make money using the web, including the feasibility of income from blog-writing. Practical tips will be given as the important differences in writing for a web audience are considered. Lastly, we will touch on new experiments and opportunities for writers in an ever-changing online world.

I’ll be presenting May 15th at 2:15.  Terry Brooks is the keynote speaker this year!  So come in for the workshop or drop me a line here if you have any topics you’d like me to make sure and address.