backup! Last week my hard drive on my iMac crashed. Died. Done.

When I called to tell my wife the news she said, “You sound much more calm than I thought you would.” That’s because the night before the crash my automated weekly backup (via the very nice iDrive) ran and all my client files were safe and secure in the cloud of the internet.

While I had always heard the importance of backing up your computer, that day’s calmness confirmed just how vital this task is to any business.  After using TechTool Pro I was able to boot the drive up for a couple hours and pull the few files that didn’t get backed up (of course, I back them up now), but all in all the crash was nowhere near the disaster it could have been.  Surprisingly the closest certified Mac technician is all the way down in Ellensburg, but in just a few days the awesome guys at CCS had me back up and running.  In the meantime I could keep working on my laptop and everybody stayed happy!

Two lessons from this story:

  1. Apple no longer has the shiny halo around it that it once did for me. (the hard drive was only 1.5 years old!)
  2. Backups are critically important.  The time they take (which, with automated backups is virtually none) is never wasted.