18 Beautiful Websites built with WordPress

WordPress was first built as a blog platform but has now developed into a full-featured CMS (Content Management System).  It is easy to design in and develop for.  Add to that its easy-to-use backend and scalability and you can see why more and more sites are being built using WP.  Here are a few of my favorites sites built with WordPress:



Might as well start with the best of the best.  Clean and simple display of the content, with elegant and perfect design.


The Art of Catalin Bridinel

This site is a great reflection of the artistic content.  The work is given plenty of room to breath against a watercolor-paper background.


Design by Slint

What?  The layout on this site is incredible!  Muted colors make help this complex site not become to cluttered.  Simply amazing.


Web Designer Wall

You’ve probably seen a design similar to this by now.  Unfortunately it has been copied over and over, but this is the orginal big artistic header.


Digital Photography School

A rich magazine style site, DPS makes great use of colors.   The ways you can access their best content in the 3 lower blocks is very well done.


Silhouette Masterpiece Theatre

The background and image borders set a great stage for this fantastic art.



Clean and bold, this site was another design pioneer when it first went live.


More of Me

A great ecommerce shop that keeps clutter to a minimum – not easy for many online shops.  Great name too.


Carolina Jesus

Carolina’s site is basic (but beautiful!).  Some JavaScript and custom coding make it a very unique WordPress site.



Another grid-based design, this site removes all extraneous design to let the content take center stage.  No way you could remember that address though.


The Westfalia

All about current reincarnations of the Van.  Wonderful illustration and color scheme.



It doesn’t get too much cleaner than this.  The extra large type for the headers really draws the eye well.



Oh, maybe it does get cleaner.  Look at all of that beautiful whitespace!



One huge header.  Just enough grunge on the rest of the page to balance all that black and keep things interesting.



A fun crafty little site.


Book Cover Archive

The blog here is nice, and built in WordPress.  The custom-coded main page is where the real beauty is though.


Leavenworth Summer Theater

…What?  I had to put at least one of my own sites in here.  Little bit of grunge, little bit of depth, this site has been featured on many showcases and increased visitor traffic significantly.



Another site that manages to present tons of content cleanly and neatly.

So, there you have it.  This is just a sampling of greatness – add links to your favorite beautiful WordPress sites in the comments.

Want a beautiful website built in WordPress for your company?  Contact me and lets get started on your project!


  • Valentina 09.11.2009

  • Thank you for showcasing us! Ciao from Italy

  • Apt Design 09.11.2009

  • Definitely Valentina, its a great site! I also love how you’ve styled the English translations.

  • Stu Greenham 09.17.2009

  • Great collection of sites here! Bookmarked for future inspiration :)

  • Apt Design 09.17.2009

  • Thanks Stu. Glad you enjoyed the post, and hope the variety of design gives you plenty of inspiration.

  • Minimalissimo 09.18.2009

  • Thanks for the mention guys! We really try to practice what we preach: minimalism.

  • Apt Design 09.18.2009

  • Minimalissimo – Goal = Achieved!

  • Serge Mistyukevych 01.23.2010

  • Some nice design sample. Thanks

  • Aron Terrell 03.9.2013

  • Awesome!!! Love this, definitely going to share this. I built my site through WordPress and I don’t regret it!

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